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QIDI X-one2 3D Printer Review

QIDI Technology X-one2 Review

This is my first 3D printer and review. My 3D printing skills are entry level and my knowledge of the QIDI Tech X-one2 printer is limited at this time. This review is intended to be a high level overview as I couldn't find any QIDI X-one2 reviews online at the time of purchase. As I improve my 3D printing skills I will be dedicate a section to the CuriousHumans website for printing issues and solutions.

QIDI Tech is previously known for it's highly rated QIDI Tech I Dual Extruder Desktop 3D Printer. The X-one2 3D printer is the 2nd generation in QIDIs line of X-one 3D printers, which includes a bigger printing surface, covers for the front and side, and other features mentioned below.

Just like any hobby, 3D printing can be expensive and require a lot of setup and troubleshooting. With the X-one2 being priced at $400, QIDI has produced an easy-to-use 3D printer and emerged as among a number of companies trying to make 3D printing more accessible. Because the X-one2 comes fully assembled, there was very little set up required. I was able to unbox and complete my first print within 90 minutes.

Grocery bag holder

The first feature I noticed about the QIDI X-one2 is the bright blue steel frame. The X-one2 weighs about 42 lbs (19 kg) but the side handles has made it easy to move around. From my limited knowledge of 3D printing I knew that a strong, durable metal frame would make the printer less likely to move during printing and produce better quality prints. With every piece firmly bolted and anchored by tapping screws, vibration hasn't be an issue while printing. Although I haven't had to use the customer service yet, QIDI has very positive feedback from the online community.

X-one2 Key Features

  • Upgraded extruder protective cover: injection mold, better ventilation effect (compared to 1st generation)

  • Touch Screen: The 3.5 inch touch screen makes the operation more simple

  • Software: QIDI print software is easy to operate for novices. There is detailed user manual on the SD card (I use Cura and will be testing Simplify 3D in the coming months).

  • Heating bed: Metal platform support. Aviation aluminium, CNC machined aluminum alloy build platform. Heating bed support printing ABS filament as well as PLA filament (I've only printed with PLA). With heating bed, printing models will stick well on the bed, printing result will be better.

Manufacturer Specs

X-one2 3D Printer Kit Contents

  • Qidi Tech X-One2 3D Printer

  • Front & Side Covers

  • Power Cable

  • USB Cable

  • 8GB SD Card

  • SD Card Reader/USB Drive

  • Handles (for side of printer)

  • Spare Part Box

  • Filament (I received orange filament)

  • Filament Spool Holder

  • Filament Guide Tube

  • Glue Stick

  • Scraper

  • PTFE Tube & Nozzle

  • Leveling Paper

  • X-One2 Slicer Operation Process manual

  • X-One2 Quick Start Guide

X-One 2 Improvement Opportunity

The first and toughest issue I faced was loading the filament. QIDI decided to use whats called a direct drive hotend which has made it easy to jam the filament in the PTFE Lining and a real annoyance to get to. This is the biggest flaw that the X-one2 has in my opinion. However, this flaw should not be a deal breaker. As I continue learning about the printer and all the moving parts, my hope is that the hotend can be switched out to a Bowden style extruder.

X-One 2 Recommendation

Overall, the QIDI Tech X-one2 is a great entry level 3D printer that's both affordable and reliable. The durable body structure and stable printing process outweighs the simple and bulky design. The X-one2 has certainly been a good choice for my first 3D printer and I recommend this printer for anyone looking to invest in their first 3D printer.


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